Kase Kuttz Logo/Branding

Business Card Layout (Kn-Cstm)
February 1, 2017
Paparazzi Digital Media Logo/Branding
January 31, 2017
  • TaskLogo Redesign

Kase Kuttz is a upscale barber and stylist based in Columbus, OH. He has an exclusive clientele and in addition works with many professional athletes. Kase had interest in providing upscale services to a higher-end clientele and wanted to expand the versatility of his brand. His previous logo wasn't vectorized nor was it versatile enough to be applied with specialty finishes.


My first composition missed the mark stylistically even though it was appealing to the client. I used the crown based on its relevance to the client's social media marketing. I later set out to create something sleek and different. The challenge was creating something distinct and "different" enough to compliment the client's slogan. In certain industries this can be challenging because of the limitations of symbolism and the barber industry is no different.