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Hello, My name is Johnnie Butler. i am a multi-disciplined designer specializing in graphic design and brand-identity. I've lent my services to a variety of businesses & institutions over the last 7-8 years. I've established brand strategies and marketing directives for businesses of all sizes. Drop me a line if you think I can help you as well!

What can I do for you?

This is basically what you want to know, right? Well I bring a lot to the table than the average graphic designer. I've been contracted as media and marketting director, photographer, and video prodduction coordinator for companies large and small and act as such for my own freelancing business.


Skill Set

I bring a unique skill set in visual communications. I am a graphic designer by trade, with a unique marketing perspective and technical know-how. One of the most defining characteristics of my services is practicing marketing awareness with my clients. You can get a feel for how I do that on my small-business marketing blog. As a creative, I am one of few accessible veteran designers operating in the mid-to-small business market. Trust me, that statement was not as pretentious as it sounded. The graphs are for people that don't want to read this slightly self-important paragraph.

  • Photoshop90%
  • Illustrator85%
  • CSS375%
  • HTML570%
  • Motion Graphics55%
  • Video Production80%

Logo Love

I brand with a passion...but not in a "weird" way.


Creating things people wont immediately throw away since '10.


It's safe to say I know a thing or 2...

Marketing Director

Americoat Asphalt

Acted as marketing director and lead designer on all company marketing campaigns. Regulated materials to both residential and commercial client bases and solving relative challenges. Handled company accounts and regulated expenses where applicable

  • knowledge of Photoshop
  • ability to cut layouts
  • knowledge of W3C standards
  • knowledge HTML5 & jQuery
  • Great job in a reputable company
  • Interesting projects for leading brands
  • Opportunity for professional development

Media Coordinator

Heart Hope Foundation

Acted as the in-house media co-ordinator and lead designer for non-profit organization dedicated to curing and assisting victims of heart disease. I spearheaded a variety of marketing and fulfillment campaigns as well as served on the board of directors.

  • implementing branding solutions
  • cutting layouts for marketing materials
  • managed company site
  • maintained social media branding standards
  • Great job in a reputable company
  • Interesting projects for leading brands
  • Opportunity for professional development
  • '93 - '97Lorain Admiral King

    Graduated with a special focus on fine arts and computer sciences.
  • '98 - '01Lorain County Community College

    Majoring in Business Administration and Fine Arts.
  • '07 - '08Art Institute of Pittsburgh

    Accredited with “Digital Design” Certification.

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